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Market Trader February 16th, 2018 - In This Week


Council has plans for market

A marketplace in a Nottinghamshire town looks set to be bought by the local council, which has plans to “totally revitalise” the area.

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On course for free parking

CH1ChesterBID and Chester Racecourse have once again joined forces to provide free parking for shoppers

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London Chat

Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder what Off-Price will offer this time. Well what it won’t offer, thankfully is the fast fading delights, if that’s the right word, of dear old Olympia. Truth be told the Chat has fallen out of love with that old place and the mammoth trade shows it still houses. We even decided to give the Toy Fair a miss for 2018.

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Historic market still thriving

The market at Saffron Walden in Essex has been in existence since 1141, and it continues to be well supported and increasingly popular because of its commitment to constant improvement.

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Know your product

The human race has been recording things in words and pictures for centuries using a variety of implements from sharp sticks to diamond-encrusted fountain pens, but how much do you really know about the humble graphite-based device known as the pencil?

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Rebrand for Cornish market

A multi-million pound food attraction that launched in Cornwall just six months ago looks set to undergo a relaunch after bosses recognised that business was dwindling.

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Market hit by lack of parking

A lack of car parking spaces is killing an iconic West Yorkshire market according to traders and shoppers there.

The full article is on page 20.

Market Trader February 2nd, 2018 - In This Week


Relocation worries

Traders at a struggling Sunday market in a Staffordshire car park fear that it may have to relocate after plans were revealed for a residential development and a hotel in the city centre.

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Elephant – the uncertainty continues

Millsy’s definition of regeneration? A project that takes years, goes through any number of different hands, costs an absolute fortune and, at least half the time, ends in nothing. Cynical, moi? Not really, there’s a lot to be said for many of the schemes put forward. But experience in this column now stretching back to 2005 has seen me cover many an ambitious plan, involving high aspirations, likely to impact for good or ill on a market which run into the sand. Usually after costing somebody a tremendous amount of money. Queens and Shepherds Bush come most easily to mind but they stand for many others.

Read more on pages 6&7.


Traders slam rent rise

Cambridge City Council wants to raise trading fees and charges at its general and Sunday markets, but traders on the city’s central market say their increasing daily rent levels are “not value for money”.

Page 10 has the full story.


The Darwin £10 note is almost extinct . . . are you ready?

The Bank of England will withdraw legal tender status of the paper £10 note featuring Charles Darwin at 23:59 on Thursday March 1, 2018.

See page 14 for more information.


Post in haste, repent at leisure…

For most people Toby Young would have remained in well-deserved obscurity until the furore surrounding his appointment to a new educational quango. One aspect of the twittering that did for him, though, did make me think. The Grauniad reported he’d deleted all but 8,000 of the 56,000 tweets posted since 2009. Assuming it takes a minute to think up and send one of these stupid brainless contributions 56000 tweets = 933 hours of his life. As a full-time typical 37 hour a week job that’s six months work. Whichever way you look at it, it seems a monumental waste of time.

Please look at page 18 for the full details.


A wealth of inspiration at Spring Fair 2018

UK markets are experiencing a renaissance as shoppers come back to them for their vitality, atmosphere, value for money and sheer diversity; and councils are increasingly recognising the benefits that markets can bring to the community.

Look at page 24 for the rest of the story.


Traders call for help

Stallholders in a Tyne and Wear town are calling on operators to help them in a bid to breathe new life into their historic market.

The full article is on page 28.


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