King’s Lynn Mart Chatterbox

Here are a few showpeople our Chatterbox camera captured at King’s Lynn Mart opening day, 14 February 2020.

1. Matthew Lewis and fiancée Jaymee Summers.

2. Keesha Print and Grace Simons.

3. Jonson Green on duty in his hook a duck.

4. Bobby Edwards helping grandad Charles Appleton in the paybox.

5. Roger Gray, Tony Parkin, Perry Day and Jonathan Gray Jnr pictured after attending the Mart luncheon.

6. Olivia Percival, aged 1½, ready to greet customers with a smile.

7. John Stokes with daughter Georgia Ayres and grandson Everson John Ayres.

8. Bob and Karen Wheatley getting a bite to eat from Donald and Laraine Print’s kiosk.

9. Pictured at the King’s Lynn Luncheon were Carol Parkin, Hayley Paris, Lucille Carroll, Anne Flack, Gina Thurston, Marguerita Day and Tanyia Turvill.

10. Lawrence Appleton in his arcade change kiosk.

11. Marshall Tattam and Anthony Palmer on Marshall’s Monster Trucks juvenile.

12. Joseph Summers minding his hoopla.

13. Jimmy Gilbey and son James in their kiosk.

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