Image of Electrocoin new dance machine DDRA20 Plus

Electrocoin to take delivery of latest Konami Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Electrocoin has confirmed that Konami’s “latest and greatest dance game” DDRA20 Plus is set to reach Europe in 2024, with the supplier taking delivery of the title from February.

Featuring a brand new user-friendly interface, 600 song catalogue, enlarged 42” screen and a selection of official music videos, the DDRA20 is “the undisputed king of dance games.”

“We are very excited as it has taken a couple years to secure this production due to the popularity,” said Electrocoin’s John A Stergides. “Konami are known for a very high standard when it comes to the standard and quality of their games.

“It’s a product that can last for years, as we still provide support for the DDRs built 20+ years ago.”

As well as gameplay videos and a range of previous DDR catalogues, the A20 Plus features official music video footage for a number of songs, including No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande and Nothing but the Beat by David Guetta.

The DDRA20 was officially launched in Japan, and has since proved extremely popular, with Electrocoin adding “due to the popularity worldwide and the high standard build quality, we have been allocated a limited quantity for 2024.”

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