The golf is back as Showmen’s Ryder Cup returns

After a year that saw so many sporting and social activities put on hold due to Covid, Showmen’s Ryder Cup golf is back!

The Showmen’s Ryder Cup sees the start of the main tournament season for the Showmen and the 2021 event was able to go ahead on May 17-19 in the next stage (Step 3) of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

It was England’s turn to host the competition, which took place at the Old Thorns Golf & Country Club, near Liphook in Hampshire.

Although the event was affected by rain, the Showmen are not easily deterred and managed to play four rounds over two days.

In the best traditions of Showmen’s sport – particularly when England and Scotland get together – some very competitive golf was played.

At the end of the two days, Team England were victorious, defeating Team Scotland by 20 ½ points to 14 ½ to take the Showmen’s Ryder Cup.

England Captain Michael Mayne Snr would like to extend his thanks to Jamie Allen for stepping up to the plate and the role of acting captain.

Photos: Michael Mayne Snr

Team England:

Michael Mayne Snr (Captain)

Jamie Allen (Vice Captain)

Michael Mayne Jnr

Thomas Price

John Lock

Timmy Bagnall

Richard Case

Harrison Holmes (Captain elect)

Joe Mulhearn

Joseph Mulhearn

Ben Taylor

William Taylor

Michael Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Team Scotland:

Maxwell Smith (Captain)

John Wilmot (Vice Captain)

Bennet Wilmot

Leslie Boswell

Craig Boswell

Michael Kayes Snr

Michael Kayes Jnr

Hugh Smith

James Arthur Smith

Rio Irving

Troy Johnson

Michael Stokes


Billy Patrick

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