photo of David Hughes’ Shrek coaster at Corby

Corby Spring Fair returns to Northamptonshire

During the opening ceremony of Corby Spring Fair, it was clear just how much it had been missed. Cllr Helen Howell, Deputy Leader of the recently formed North Northamptonshire Council, and Charmaine Stevens Traylen speaking on behalf of the lessees, Stevens Amusements, expressed their delight at seeing this excellent fun fair back on the Abington Road site.

Both ladies also commented on the strong links between Stevens Amusements and the town of Corby, the foundations for which were laid by the late Joe Stevens many years ago when Corby was a steel town.

Following the ceremony and free rides the council representatives were escorted on a tour of the fair by Charmaine Stevens Traylen, Nipper Appleton (who again did a grand job as MC) and local fair supporter John Page.

The fair was extensively advertised and signposted, and ample supervised car parking was available on site, something that helps considerably in this day and age.

After two years of enforced absence the fair was warmly welcomed back by the local people and the line-up of attractions was again outstanding, something that has been the trademark of this event for a number of years. On a first visit to the fair was David Hughes’ Shrek coaster, and it joined a very good selection of major attractions.

The children were well catered for, too, and there was a nice selection of games, with Albert Godden’s Wild West themed shooter and Craig Danter’s refurbished Casino Mint arcade looking impressive.

We attended during both Saturday afternoons, and the first enjoyed a good attendance. The second saw the fair competing with the televised Scottish Cup Final, and with many Corby people very proud of their Scottish heritage, this did have some effect on numbers. Most of the time the weather was good, and those we spoke to on our second visit appeared satisfied with their stay.

Prior to arriving at Corby, Stevens Amusements had presented a smaller fair at the Bassett’s recreation ground in Wellingborough, which was following the normal procedure prior to the pandemic.

As well as the new Shrek coaster, major attractions at Corby included: Chrissie Davies’ Dodgems; John Guest’s waltzer and Twister; Thrill Seekers Ltd’s Extreme Afterburner; Theodore Whyatt’s Yeti Jumper; Terence Reeves’ Ice Jet; Joel Bunn’s Tagada; Joby Farrell’s Energizer Miami; John AT Parrish’s Extreme; Craig Danter’s Super Bowl and Oxygen Booster; Leigh Danter’s Super Star and Take Off 40m Star Flyer; Ghost trains from Nipper Appleton and Jason Mayne and fun houses from Tracy Mayne and Robert Edwards.

Main photo: David Hughes’ Shrek coaster at Corby Spring Fair

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