Photo of Lessee Michael Mulhearn's Sizzler Twist

Blackburn’s Witton Park bonfire returns

After a year’s absence due to the Covid pandemic, Blackburn Charity Bonfire and Firework display took place at Witton Country Park on Saturday, November 6 – supported by a fair from Michael Mulhearn.

Organised by Blackburn Lions, Blackburn Rotary Club and Round Table, there was a £4 adult, £1 child and £10 family of four entrance fee with the proceeds going towards local charities.

The event came a full month after Blackburn’s first firework fair of 2021, however that event (at Corporation Park) did not feature a bonfire. At Witton Park, the fire was due to be lit at 7.30pm, whilst the spectacular firework display started at 8.15pm. Located on the main car park, as well as the fair, was a DJ roadshow.

The starring role amongst the rides went to the excellent Fighter Orbiter from JW Shaw Amusements, which really attracts the crowds wherever it goes.

In support were some fine examples of juvenile equipment with lessee Michael Mulhearn supplying a quintet of attractions lead by his colourful Runaway Train family coaster.

Other smaller rides came from J W Shaw Amusements, Callam Mulhearn and Aaron Holland. Anyone hungry was really spoiled for choice with many catering kiosks in attendance. There were also a couple of games stalls on the ground.

The build up on the Saturday morning saw some nice sunny weather. However, this did not last as around 12:30 heavy rain set in for most of the afternoon and was still evident by the time the fair opened at 5pm. The rest of the night was stop-start with fine drizzle. Luckily, this did not stop the public coming out in force.

Key attractions

JW Shaw Amusements’ Fighter Orbiter

Michael Mulhearn’s Sizzler Twist

Nicholas Hill Jnr’s Mad Max Miami

Aaron Holland’s Fun House

Main photo: Lessee Michael Mulhearn’s Sizzler Twist at Blackburn Charity Bonfire

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