Photo of Dignitaries in front of Shane and Jay Whyatt’s Waltzer

Blue skies, bright lights and excellent business at Wisbech

Wisbech’s annual Statute Fair was back with a blast of blue skies, bright lights and excellent business for the £1 opening night back in September.

The second of two major fairs held in the Cambridgeshire town, this was the first in 18 months due to the pandemic and the people of Wisbech were more than happy to take advantage of the attractions and reduced prices.

As always. the fair was blessed with a civic opening ceremony. This took place on Wednesday, September 22, on the steps of Shane & Jay Whyatt’s Waltzer. Representatives of the Norwich & Eastern Counties Section of the Showmen’s Guild were in attendance alongside the mayor and other dignitaries.

For the first time in many years there wasn’t a Dodgem track in attendance, the position this year going to Swales Bailey with his Terminator Matterhorn. The ride has undergone a transformation in recent years with the addition of a tunnel at the rear, and work has continued to improve the appearance with an extra top piece, more LEDs and moving head laser lights.

Photo of Swales Bailey’s Matterhorn in action
Swales Bailey’s Matterhorn in action

Another big change to the line-up this year was the first appearance of John Birch & Sons’ stunning Sizzler Twist, in place of Stanley Thurston’s own model. The additional queue lane on Birch’s ride was full to the brim all evening during our visit, and its pixel lighting caught the eye.

There were other examples of work carried out during lockdown and these include Oliver Gilbey’s completely refurbished Bounce Jump & Smile, extra lighting effects on Jonathan Gray’s Orbiter and a brand new set of cars on Shane & Jay Whyatt’s Waltzer, along with a touch up to the front rounding boards.

In total there were seven large rides here and four walk-through attractions. Harrison Harris’ Crazy Zoo Maze was a newcomer, having only being built during the early months of 2020.

Photo View of the fair as crowds arrive
View of the fair as crowds arrive

As usual a good number of kids attractions and games were to be found as well as plenty of food kiosks, most of these on the road into the Chapel Road car park where the fair is located.

The fair ran until Saturday, September 25, and was blessed with good weather for the duration. All showmen we spoke to agreed it had been a busy night and were happy with the outcome.

Main photo: Dignitaries in front of Shane and Jay Whyatt’s Waltzer

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