Photo of Oliver Gilbey’s Bounce Jumper

East Anglia’s largest fair returns (minus bangers and mash)

Over recent years, Peterborough Bridge Fair has taken on the mantle of East Anglia’s largest fair, at the expense of Cambridge Midsummer Fair. And it was back in business for 2021, which is more than could be said about the once proud Cambridge event.

After an enforced absence in 2021, the Bridge Fair opened on Peterborough’s Embankment from September 30 to October 10.

Lessees John Thurston & Son invested in an extensive advertising campaign, with large posters on all approach roads and colourful banners closer to the site itself.

Unfortunately, there was no official opening ceremony or traditional sausage and mash dinner this time, however the showpeople continued the tradition of reduced prices on all rides and shows during Fair Day, which is always the first Tuesday in October.

Photo of Dean Ayers’ Circus Circus Fun House at Peterborough
Dean Ayers’ Circus Circus Fun House at Peterborough

A very cold wind blew across the Embankment and no doubt deterred some people from attending. During the other 10 days of the stay, business was described as very spasmodic; better for some than others.

At the Cathedral end of the ground, Jonathan Scarrott’s well-presented High Flyer was a newcomer as was its neighbour James Crecraft’s nicely-lit Super Trooper, although James left after five days to fulfil commitments elsewhere.

George Heath Jnr’s large Burger Heaven kiosk took the eye with its retro style décor and Shane Whyatt’s Balloon Madness was something different for the children. On side ground the bold traditional décor on Tommy Boswell’s variety of games added colour to an attractive fair.

Photo of Shane Whyatt’s Balloon ride
Shane Whyatt’s Balloon ride

A month later (Saturday, November 6), Peterborough’s Spooktacular Fireworks Display took place at the East of England Arena. The lessee for this one was Larry Gray & Sons.

Jonathan Scarrott’s High Flyer was back in town, while a fresh attraction was Duane Rogers’ Sizzler Twist. Jonathan Smart’s Slot Car Boogie Simulator and Harry Gilbey’s Wild Jungle Mirror Maze featured outstanding artwork. There was also a wide choice of juvenile attractions.

Photo of George Heath Jnr’s Burger Heaven kiosk
George Heath Jnr’s Burger Heaven kiosk

Major rides and attractions at Peterborough Bridge Fair

John Scarrott & Sons’ Dodgems and Twister

Duane Rogers’ Sizzler Twist,

James Crecraft’s Super Trooper

Shane Whyatt’s Waltzer

Harry Scarrott’s Vortex (Freak Out style swing)

 John AT Parrish’s Extreme Orbiter

John Henry Scarrott’s Orbiter

Jonathan Scarrott’s High Flyer (Star Flyer)

Oliver Gilbey’s Bounce (Jump & Smile) and Aqua Labyrinth Maze

Grant and Marshall Tattam’s Super Bob and Jump

Philip Scarrott & Sons’  Xzilar8 Miami and  Super Star,

John Woodward’s Bugs & Bees Coaster and Wild West Runaway Train

Richard Hart’s Heros and Villians Fun House

Patrick Phillips’ Crazy Fun House,

Dean Ayers’ Circus Circus Fun House

Henry Harris’ The Zoo Crazy Mirrors

Main photo: Oliver Gilbey’s Bounce Jumper at Peterborough Bridge Fair

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