The second and final part of our pictorial review of 2019.

All photos: Malcolm Farrelly

Pic 11: The end of the gala season in Yorkshire is marked by the arrival of the popular fair in Normanton under the auspices of Evan Moran & Sons.

Pic 12: The West Yorkshire town of Castleford hosted a brand new fair in September under the lessee partnership of Paul Earnshaw and Terry Atha.

Pic 13: Albert John Evans’ Waltzer was a new attraction at the York Balloon Festival just before Hull at an event which, having enjoyed two good days on the Friday and Saturday, saw the weather totally write off the Sunday.

Pic 14: The famous Nottingham Goose Fair enjoyed some good business once again during the first week of October.

Pic 15: Freddy Jnr and Davis Stokes’ Jumper Jumper, a giant of a ride which they acquired at the end of 2018 proved a huge hit at a number of fairs including Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Pic 16: No doubt one of the biggest fairs in Europe – Hull Fair was another which would see some good business, the best of which was over the second weekend which saw huge crowds.

Pic 17: Jan de-Koning’s Vue Wheel certainly racked up some miles in 2019 appearing at balloon festivals, shows, town centres and some of the country’s biggest fairs.

Pic 18: The weekend prior to Bonfire Night was not favourable as weather ruined numerous events, however the main night itself was dry and this was certainly of benefit to showmen as can be seen by this picture at James Finnie’s fair in Bradford.

Pic 19: Although business at Hyde Park did take a while to get going through the days, the evenings saw the event packed as thousands descended to enjoy the spectacle that is Winter Wonderland.

Pic 20: Known across Germany as the famous Olympia Looping, when in London it has a slight re-brand as Munich Looping and this beast of a Roller Coaster the biggest portable one in the World and usually takes centre stage  at the event.

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