Robbie in the Octopus car with Joby

Joby Carter gifts funfair fan Robbie Ocopus car surprise

Funfair fan Robbie Alexander was excited to take delivery of his very own fairground ride recently, when showman Joby Carter presented him with a stunning Octopus car.

The car, specially decorated and inscribed with the name ‘Robbie’ by Joby, spins round and was a gift from the generous showman.

Robbie’s mum Sue, on hearing that Joby had some old Octopus cars for sale, got in touch with him to ask if she could buy one for Robbie.

Robbie loves nothing more than to visit fairs with his mum and, as he suffers from a condition that means he has a younger mental age, found it difficult to understand why they couldn’t make their usual trips during lockdown.

Robbie in the Octopus car with Joby

The pair are very well known to many showmen, particularly in the South West, and are always made very welcome on the grounds.

Joby, for his part, was happy to help but had one or two surprises up his sleeve for Sue.

Firstly, he set about repainting the car and personalising it for Robbie. As if that wasn’t enough, on delivering the car he refused payment, donating it as a gift for Robbie.

Robbie was absolutely thrilled with the ride and his mum told World’s Fair how grateful she is to Joby. Sue said:

“I want to say a huge thank you to Joby Carter for Robbie’s beautiful Octopus car – when I asked Joby if I could buy one of his old cars, I did not expect to get it beautifully painted and even with his name on, or for it to be delivered to our home and by Joby himself!

“On top of that, Joby refused to take anything for it!

“I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, though, because I know how wonderfully kind and generous all Showmen are – even if there happens to be a pandemic on at the time!

“Robbie is so happy with it and he is so proud every time he looks at it – or anyone mentions it.

“I am truly grateful and always will be to know such truly wonderful people. So, thank you Joby for such an amazing gift and to Joby and all Showmen for their friendship and kindness to us, our lives are so much richer for knowing you all.”

Joby Carter told World’s Fair he knows how much Robbie loves the fair and after Sue contacted him it was “an absolute pleasure” to help out anyway he could as he knows how difficult Covid-19 has been for them.

The Octopus car is now a fixture in Sue and Robbie’s garden and will no doubt keep Robbie smiling, especially over the coming winter months when the fairs are closed.

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