photo of Connor Cowie's Star Flyer, new this year to Wigan, flying high over Wigan fair.

Gigantic hit for Gigantic May Fair

The DW Stadium in Wigan annually hosts two funfairs each season organised by Arthur Silcock’s Funfairs, and these are always the largest of his run of fairs throughout the year. Plenty was on offer for 2022, featuring one of the biggest line-ups the fair has seen including a number of new rides and attractions, many of which were making their first appearance at the DW.

Once again a two-hour charity ride session between 11am and 1pm on the Sunday morning (15 May) was on offer for youngsters with disabilities and life limiting illnesses.

This is organised by the Blessing in Disguise charity in association with Silcock’s Funfairs, and has taken place over a number of years here, as well as Hindley Market funfair and at Orford Park Warrington.

The rides are slowed down to make them accessible to the children, and the ghost train and the more extreme rides were not operating. Wristbands were given out by Blessings in Disguise to the children and their families, who were the only ones allowed on the ground for those two hours.  

The funfair took place from Thursday 12 to Sunday 22 May at the usual No 1 car park at the rear of the football ground on Stadium Way. It was advertised on numerous posters, roadside boards and the firm’s official Facebook page as Silcock’s Gigantic Family Fun Fair.

All rides were £2 each, and the fair opened from 5.30pm to 9pm weekdays and 1pm to 9pm over the two weekends, remaining closed on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

Of the 14 major attractions on offer for 2022, nine were newcomers and four were brand new rides within the last four months for their respective owners. William Roberts was among them with his new waltzer, which was a recent purchase in April from John Simons.

This was joined by William’s music tagada, a ride that has appeared here on numerous occasions in previous years. Another debuting machine was the Sky Tower Star Flyer from Connor Cowie, which he acquired at the end of 2021 from Brandon Drake.

Marshall Hill brought along his new set of dodgems, seen here at its first fair in his ownership. Formerly owned by Freddie Wright and Jonathan Smith, the ride was originally a Brookland Speedway which was converted by Supercar to a dodgem at the beginning of the 1950s.

The fourth attraction was the impressive Police Station fun house, which was brand new to owners Triangle Attractions Ltd (Steffen Cubbins, Reed & Nathan Holland) in March of this year.   

Other newcomers included Darren de-Koning’s Snow Storm Super Bob, John Houghton’s Top Star Super Star, Nathan Jones’ Meteor Round-Up, Stanley Reeves Jnr’s Atmos Fear Inversion and Max Cubbins’ Terror Tower ghost train. The latter stayed for the first week then left to join the fair organised by John Silcock at Flixton.

The Top Spin formerly belonging to David Hackett but now in the ownership of Clayton Hackett was on a return visit from last October, and is a ride that is a rarity around the British fairgrounds. Returning once again for 2022 were lessee Arthur Silcock’s Sizzler Twist and Miami Trip Miami, along with Mason Gore’s Mexican Wave Jump & Smile.   

Fresh smaller rides and games on offer included David James Hackett’s Crazy Chase juvenile roller coaster, the side joint games and rings over blocks round stall belonging to Elliot Russell, plus Stevie Boswell’s two square games stalls and grabbers games unit.   

Other juveniles and games on return visits included: Nathan Jones’ toy train; Janie Ryan’s toy set; Nicholas Hill Snr’s mini Paratrooper; Arthur Silcock’s Thunderbirds mini jets; Raymond Holland Jnr’s mini chairs & horses and Games World games side joint; David Holland’s Samba balloons and Formula Convoy; Asa Holland’s Bavarian snow slide, helter skelter, inflatable play zone, mini waltzer and Gold Rush juvenile roller coaster; and Steven Burton’s Fairground Attraction mixed games unit.   

Catering kiosks were provided by John Jones (two), Alison & Steven Burton, David Hackett, Tony Cook, Nicholas Hill Snr and Sophie Silcock.

Main photo: A look down the ground with Connor Cowie’s Star Flyer, new this year to Wigan, flying high over the Silcock’s Funfairs-organised fair.

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