photo of Charles Abbott’s rifle range at Bretton Park, Peterborough

Later dates at Market Deeping and a varied line-up at Peterborough

The spring fair at Market Deeping took place during mid May this year, having been held over the Easter holiday for several years prior to lockdown. Presented by Taylor’s Amusements of nearby Stamford, the fair was made up of a balanced mix of traditional and modern rides.

Several newcomers were also featured here, and these included Raymond Pearson’s Euro Star Flyer, Mark Thurston Jnr’s Chaos Freak Out, Elizabeth Hackett’s continental wheel and Colin Kirkpatrick’s Afterburner Jolly Tubes.

There was some outstanding traditional artwork to be seen here on Paul Hind’s mini chair-o-planes, Paul Kendall’s shooting saloon, Dorman Brothers’ Waltzer and Connor Starmer’s Balloon Burster.

Major attractions also attending were Ted Taylor’s dodgems and cups & saucers, Ian Taylor’s Twist and Crazy fun house and William Robinson’s array of inflatables.

Talking to World’s Fair, Ian Taylor commented that business over the first weekend was satisfactory, and the better weekend of the two.

It was a similar story a little further south at Bretton Park on the northern side of Peterborough, where John Thurston & Son Ltd presented a well varied fair.

The posters and signage were abundant along the approach roads and ample supervised parking was provided alongside the fair. We called in on the first Sunday to find a good number of families visiting.

Having added to his stable of coaster rides, John Woodward presented his latest acquisition, the Dragon coaster, which was joined by his Wild West runaway train, featuring some very authentic effects.

Other major attractions at Bretton Park included: John Scarrott & Sons’ Formula 1 dodgems and Twister; Philip Scarrott & Sons’ spin-a-disc 2 waltzer, Super Star and Xzilar8 Miami; James Rogers & Sons’ Matterhorn; John Henry Scarrott’s Orbiter; Harry Scarrott’s Vortex; Charlton Derry’s Energizer Meteorite; John Allen Jnr’s Big Top Circus fun house; Leonard Derry’s Roller Ghoster and Beach Party fun house; Joseph Sneap’s House of Fun and Brogan Owen’s House of Terror

All were supported by an outstanding selection of juvenile attractions.

Main photo: Charles Abbott’s rifle range at Bretton Park, Peterborough

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