Leeds Valentines Fair pic 1


By Malcolm Farrelly

The first big fair in Yorkshire saw the Leeds Valentines Fair being officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Eileen Taylor, on Thursday February 13th in the attendance of specially invited guests from the City Council and children from across Leeds.

Chairman of the Yorkshire Section, Garry Leach, was on hand to thank the council for once again being instrumental in bringing the fair to the city in conjunction with International Funfairs.

The Lord Mayor then duly opened the fair and over 500 children, many from Special Inclusive Learning Centres, were given 90 minutes to enjoy all the rides free of charge.

The fair then opened from Friday February 14 with opening night being busy for a number of the showmen. However, after that every day saw rain and on a new location at Woodhouse Moor the fair never saw a repeat of the numbers experienced on opening night as the weather well and truly wrecked what is usually a very popular fair.


1. A busy opening night at Leeds Valentines Fair.

2. Roger Tuby and Stewart Robinson with the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Eileen Taylor.

3. A general view of the Leeds Valentines Fair at Woodhouse Moor.

4. Roger Tuby’s Devil’s Rock Freak Out.

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