photo of Easter fair at Queens Park

North West Funfairs’ first fair on home turf for three years

North West Funfairs presented a four day pre Easter fair at Queens Park on Spa Road in Bolton, from Saturday 2 to Tuesday 5 April. Thanks to Covid it was the first time the firm had staged an event in their home town for three years.

The playing fields at Queens Park have been used on numerous occasions over the past five years (prior to Covid) following a major refurbishment of this area of the park. Within walking distance of the town centre and next to the Bolton Lads and Lasses Sports Club and housing estates, there is a good catchment area to attract visitors to the fair.

Open daily from 12pm to 8pm, special offers included three free tickets with every five ride tickets purchased. Single tickets were priced at £2 each, and the attractions indicated how many tickets were needed to ride. Tickets could be purchased at the box office at the entrance to the fair.

Henry Hill for North West Funfairs told World’s Fair that they were really glad to be back in the town, and this would be the first of many to take place in Bolton throughout the season. He went on to explain about some of the changes and new additions to their stable of attractions.

One exceptional example is the Rock & Roll dodgem, which was at its second event in the firm’s ownership after debuting at the February half-term fair at Barton Airport. Purchased from Shane Rowland at the end of 2021, at the moment it has the Rowland name in lights on the top rounding boards, but these will be replaced with a new set of top boards when time permits. The Adesko-manufactured machine was new to the Rowland family in July 2001.

Another striking newcomer was the haunted crooked cottage, an attraction that was acquired at the backend of last year and which has been a instant success at the handful of events it has appeared at.

Henry went on to tell us about the Supreme waltzer, which wasn’t here at Bolton but was travelling early to North West Funfairs next event at Buile Hill Park in Salford. The waltzer has had completely new shutters and fencing added along with some new décor. The rest of the rides and attractions would be joining the waltzer straight from Bolton.

There were two more new pieces of equipment, one of which was a smart looking toy set that was formerly at the Children’s Corner on Cleveleys promenade and owned by the Silcock family. Also fresh is a catering kiosk, again from Silcocks, which has been re-themed and named Pit Stop catering.

Other major attractions in attendance were the firm’s Sizzler Twist, which has had new and striking lighting across the main arm of the ride, and the Disney circus fun house. One more large ride here was Nicholas Hill Jnr’s Mad Max Miami, another newcomer.

Plenty was on offer for the smaller children, who had an abundance of juvenile attractions to choose from. Most of the stable of North West Funfairs’ supporting equipment was on the ground, including mini jets; mini Paratrooper; balloon ride; trampolines; Ye Olde Traditional swing boats; inflatable playzone; mini chairs; cups & saucers; and mini Ski Jump.  

Photo: North West Funfairs’ new Rock & Roll dodgems at Bolton spring fair.

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