photo of George DeVey Jnr’s superbly refurbished Twist at Bodmin.

Three fairs get a warm welcome in Cornwall

May is always busy for Showmen travelling to Cornwall fairs, with three big events taking place in quick succession.


The last Saturday in April sees Camborne celebrate the life of steam locomotive inventor Richard Trevithick. His steam invention greatly helped in the working of the mines both locally and internationally, and this year the event took place on 30 April.

This was the first time in over two years that this event, and indeed all the other events, had taken place. The streets were lined with stalls, and there were dances and a parade of steam engines.

Phil Raymond was the lessee for the funfair here, and although this year the overflow car park could not be used due to new building works, the main car park was still filled with amusements.

Leading up to the car park was Philip Kefford’s fun house. On the car park itself were Ann Raymond’s amusements, David Rowland Jnr’s Extreme Orbitor and West of England’s Gallopers, together on their first visits this year. Also here were Charles Deakin’s dodgems, Alan Jenkins’ Terminator Miami and Alan & Michelle Jenkins’ tagada.


Padstow Obby Oss always takes place on 1 May, unless it falls on a Sunday, and as that was the case this year, Obby Oss day was on Monday 2 May. Flags and flowers are displayed in the streets together with a maypole, and after emerging from their stables two Osses move through the town, one red and one blue.

Thousands of people attend the event, and Monty Howell is the lessee of the fair on the harbour. The main rides from Camborne moved here, with the exception of the Extreme Orbitor and dodgem. The three rides that did attend were joined by George DeVey Jnr’s newly decorated Twist.


Helston Flora Day celebrates the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. The Furry Dance takes place in the streets, which are decorated with greenery and floral arrangements, and the participants dance in and out of doorways.

Heston Flora Day took place this year on Saturday 7 May, and lessee Anderton and Rowland presented a large funfair on the car park by the town’s boating lake. Ten big rides could be found here including George DeVey Jnr’s waltzer, Twist and Freak Out Afterburner. Also here were Aaron Brett’s Twist, Charles Farrell’s Sky Flyer, Hayley DeVey’s Terminator Miami and Noyce’s North Pole fun house.

The remaining rides included Vicky DeVey’s waltzer; Alan Jenkins’ Atlanta dodgem; Alan & Michelle Jenkins’ tagada; James Kefford’s helter skelter and ghost train; and the fun houses of Philip Kefford and Philip Rawlins. Finally, this fair also saw the first appearance of Perrin Mott’s Trooper XL Super Trooper, which was built by him. Many other juveniles and catering units attended this big event.

After Helston the lessees moved to Bodmin from 12 to 22 May. Attending here were the first six rides from Helston, which were joined by Ben DeVey’s Jump & Smile and George DeVey Jnr’s Crash Test dodgem.

Main photo: George DeVey Jnr’s superbly refurbished Twist at Bodmin.

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