Photo of Sizzler Twist fairground ride

Waking up Castle Donington

by David Springthorpe

As tradition warrants, the streets of Castle Donnington were filled with amusements for three days at the end of October as the North West Leicestershire town celebrated its annual Wakes.

Dating back to 1278, many of the showpeople have been attending for generations. This year’s Wakes Fair was held from Thursday to Saturday, October 28 to 30.

For the first time in around 70 years, however, there were no Dodgems. Their position at the junction of Borough Street and Hillside/The Hollow was taken instead by Martin Barker’s smart Sizzler Twist. Also on a first visit was Michael Thompson’s Wacky World Fun House.

How was the rest of 2021 in Leicestershire? Read Dave Springthorpe’s season catch-up when World’s Fair returns in print this January. Subscribe here.

Picture: Martin Barker’s Sizzler Twist at Castle Donington.

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