Joseph Sneap’s House of Fun was on a first visit to Willen Lake.

Weather to be by the waterside

During hot weather the ideal place is by the water, and this applied to some of our Showmen such as John Scarrott & Sons, who paid their annual summer visit to Willen Lake, a beauty spot on the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

Here there are water activities on the lakes, a water park, various food outlets and ample parking, so it is a popular venue for people in good weather and appears to have been well planned.

We visited during the second week and the showpeople we spoke to said they were happy with their stay here, although during the day people were seeking shade at the height of the heat.

On a first visit here were Joseph and Linda Sneap with their House of Fun and mini wheel, and Joseph expressed his satisfaction with the business. Nearby was the WOW (Willen Observation Wheel) giant wheel, which afforded riders excellent views over the lakes and countryside. The Scarrott family’s recently acquired Balloon Madness and kiosk were alongside, and were open during weekends and school holidays.

M&R Amusements’ Lifting Paratrooper at Billing Aquadrome
M&R Amusements’ Lifting Paratrooper at Billing Aquadrome

Other attractions at Willen Lake included: John Scarrott & Sons’ Formula 1 dodgems and Twister; Philip Scarrott & Sons’ Spin-a-Disc 2 waltzer, Xzilar8 Miami and Super Star; John Henry Scarrott’s Orbiter; Harry Scarrott’s Vortex; and John Allen Jnr’s Big Top Circus fun house, plus a good selection of juvenile rides and games.

The Regatta Meadow at St Neots provided a pleasant setting for Stanley Thurston’s Pop Up Fair, a very clean and colourful presentation by the River Great Ouse. Stanley told us that he was pleased with the reception his fair had received here and the favourable comments from people living nearby, and business was described as satisfactory.

Attractions at Regatta Meadow included: Stanley Thurston & Sons’ dodgems and Sizzler Twist; Stanley F Thurston Jnr’s Jet Fire Extreme; Bronson Thurston’s Dare Devil Miami, Alcatraz fun house and runaway train; Austin Holland’s Super Bowl, plus an array of bright juvenile attractions.

From here the pop-up fair moved to Bedford, where again it stood close to the Great Ouse.

At Billing Aquadrome in Northampton, M&R Amusements (Martin and Richard Jennings) have added a Balloon Madness ride to their selection of amusements by the lakes for the summer season. The main rides here were dodgems, Scrambler Twist, lifting Paratrooper and giant wheel, alongside plenty of rides for the kiddies. The token system here has a ‘more you buy the more you get’ theme.

Main photo: Joseph Sneap’s House of Fun was on a first visit to Willen Lake

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