Cultural Recovery Fund

There is a second round of the Cultural Recovery Fund (CRF). This is from Arts Council England (ACE) on behalf of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The Cultural Recovery Fund is part of the £1.57billion original fund that DCMS has had altogether.

Not everyone can apply, but some members may be eligible; there are points to note:

The lead organisation (the organisation submitting the application) should be properly constituted as an organisation. The kinds of organisations that are eligible to apply include:

  • limited companies registered at Companies House
  • community interest companies (CICs) registered with the CIC regulator
  • charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) registered with the Charity Commission
  • charitable companies or charitable trusts registered with the Charity Commission
  • limited liability partnerships registered at Companies House
  • partnerships established under a partnership deed/ agreement
  • community benefit and co-operative societies regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Royal Charter bodies
  • statutory bodies and other public bodies including Universities and Local Authorities who run or maintain cultural services
  • Heritage organisations with a museum with either Accredited or working towards Accreditation status

The lead organisation must either be based in England or can demonstrate that the majority of their work takes place in England.

  • The new round of CRF funding is open from 6th January and closes on 26th January (at midday)
  • In order to apply, applicants must first be accredited as an official applicant with an account through their “Grantium” process – this is used by ACE to manage the grant-giving relationship with their clients for this and any other future grants (Some organisations make a career of applying for grants this way.)
  • This process takes 5 (or more) days to approve and so it must be started straight away
  • As before, the application process overall is complicated and once the accredited person is accepted (on behalf of the organisation) the on-line form can be part-completed and returned to (within the deadline) – once doing it, the application needs to be constantly saved and it times-out after 15 minutes of inaction.
  • Eligible Members will probably need an expert, e.g. an accountant to assist with completing the application
  • There will need to be audited accounts to be submitted from the Member / Applicant to ACE (among other pieces of information)
  • Link for eligible Members to the details:

The Guild itself is registered as one organisation at Companies House, with 10 Sections.

Therefore, separate from members (where eligible) making their own applications for their businesses, the Showmen’s Guild will be applying to the CRF on behalf of the Guild as one organisation (including its Sections).

However, The Showmen’s Guild cannot complete applications on behalf of Members themselves.

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