conditions for fairs opening & funfair re-opening, via DCMS


On Tuesday 24th February the Guild took part in a further discussion on the issue of funfair re-opening:

We emphasised the positive effect of holding fairs in the fresh air outdoors and the need to avoid queuing and keeping equipment wiped down.

This is in preparation for the new Guidance on operating from (the suggested date) 12th April.

We discussed the need to have in place, urgently, the Updated Guidance that we and health chiefs can agree to with a common / uniform set of agreed standards and protocols that everyone understands, accepts, and agrees to work from throughout the country.

We are planning further meetings with health chiefs over funfair re-opening, in order that they:

1. understand how fairs work in practice – as separate from festivals / sports events and mass gatherings generally and

2. agree with us a nationally recognised structure of presentation of our fairs.

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