Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming International Expo (EAG) 2023 to transition to new show organiser

The Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming International Expo (EAG), to be held from 10-12th January 2023 at ExCeL in London, will be run by a new Show Organiser following the resignation of Swan Events Ltd.

Swan Events Managing Director, Karen Cooke, said: “After 14 years organising EAG, I and my fellow directors concluded that following the 2022 Show we needed to focus on other parts of our business and the other trade shows in our stable. I have very much enjoyed running the Show since its inception in 2009 and I have agreed with EAG to help the transition to the new organiser up until September 2022.”

Chairman of EAG Ltd, Martin Burlin, added: “Swan Events and Karen in particular, have delivered an outstanding service to EAG. Every show since day one has been a success and widely praise by exhibitors and visitors alike. The 2022 Show, organised in difficult post-Covid circumstances, not helped by a tube strike, turned out to be one of the best shows ever, with both exhibitor and visitor feedback hugely positive.  

“Karen has kindly agreed to manage the early organisational tasks for the 2023 Show whilst helping our new organiser get up to speed with the specific requirements of BACTA and our industry. I would like to publicly thank her for everything she has done over the past 14 years. We are in the final stages of selecting a new organiser and hope to make an announcement within the next few weeks.”

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