World’s Fair newspaper October 2022 print edition



The print edition of World’s Fair newspaper for October 2022, available as a single copy.

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  • In an exclusive interview, we speak to Owen Curry, Ireland’s largest operate of fairground attractions, about taking over Barry’s in Portrush and his post-lockdown success in Galway.
  • David Weeks, well-known enthusiast and spieler, has decided it’s time to retire from spieling and take things a little bit easier. We spoke to David about how he got interested in the business and a life that’s been devoted to helping Showmen and Circus.
  • Spotlight comes from Newcastle Town Moor Hoppings fair where the Showmen were enjoying some good weather and great crowds!
  • We report on Oxford St Giles, Witney Feast and Barnstaple among other fairs in this busy period.

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