World’s Fair newspaper October 2023 print edition



The print edition of World’s Fair newspaper for October 2023, available as a single copy.

Free postage to the UK.


  • Keith James interview: a proud Notts & Derbys Showman
  • Claire Danter: stories of life on the fair
  • Rides of my Life with Steven Hill
  • Funfair reports from Oxford St Giles, Witney Feast, Barnstaple, Neath Great September, Nairn Highland Games and many more around the country
  • Showmen’s Guild news and classifieds notices
  • Ride Feature: Hill’s waltzer 52 and still going strong
  • ADIPS: Device Stickers
  • Chatterbox from around the grounds
  • Spotlight from Barnstaple
  • Russell’s Circus and Wonder Circus reviews
  • Chatterbox and Spotlight
  • Community News, Business News, Welland Model Show and more

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