Electrocoin's Rocket Launch game in 3 colours

Busy start to year for Electrocoin

With the launch of new products and a busy exhibition schedule, Electrocoin have had a ‘very positive’ start to the year.

Electrocoin have had a very busy start to the year. By early March they will have already exhibited their machines at four shows, including EAG and ICE, along with another two in conjunction with their overseas partners.

“It’s been a very busy time”, Head of Sales and Marketing John A Stergides told World’s Fair, “but the leisure and amusement markets are growing and, like our slogan, we are always ‘Expanding the World of Play’.

Reaction to date has been very positive. Mr Stergides described EAG as having “a great buzz”, whilst ICE was “extremely busy”, particularly with the firm’s Skill Shooter, which had queues of people waiting to play the machines.

Electrocoin Skill Shooter game
Electrocoin’s Skill Shooter

The company have introduced some new products this year but have also improved their existing successful line of products. The Skill Shooter, for example, is proving very popular with operators and players, as is the Mr Do Space Rocks Ball Pusher, which was only exhibited around six months ago but is doing very well.

Rocket Launch

Launching at EAG, Rocket Launch has also proved a winner. This is a very simple prize game which is both aesthetically attractive but also tests the skills of players. It differs from the Colour Match, which has also been gaining a lot of positive attention from operators.

Electrocoin's Rocket Launch game in 3 colours
Electrocoin’s Rocket Launch game in 3 colours

“These are simple but exciting games than can reward players who use their skill to try and win against the machine.” Stergides said. The formula is similar to the hugely successful Skill Cut Winner.

Electrocoin’s products are generally aimed at all the family, young and old, so they are designed to be fun, easy and rewarding and their popularity is such that the firm have waiting lists for some products, as production of the machines tries to keep up with demand.

Going forward

Next up for Electrocoin is the Irish Gaming Show on 7-8 March, with Dubai and Italy to follow, then in June they’re looking forward to the popular Park Avenue Open Day with their famous Greek BBQ. After the summer, they’ll be heading to Vienna for IAAPA Expo Europe and then back to London in October for ACOS.

Stergides says the company are “positive and optimistic” for the year ahead, as indeed their continued investment in exhibitions shows. Despite all the doom and gloom expressed by media and some economic forecasters, operators generally have had a good 18 months.

With the trend for staycations also set to continue amid uncertainties over travel and how the economy is going to pan out this year, that can only be good news for those operating UK leisure and entertainment businesses – and those who supply them.

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