Gareth Smith's Flash Dance tagada having a busy evening at Burton Statutes Fair.

Busy Burton Statutes Fair despite Goose Fair clash

Burton-on-Trent held its Statutes fair in the streets of this old East Staffordshire brewery town on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 October. The fair opened early on the Monday afternoon in what can only be described as ideal weather conditions for early October. 

For what was possibly the first time ever, the fair clashed with the extended ten-day Goose Fair at Nottingham, raising fears that there could be large gaps in the presentation. There were also concerns that some people may forgo the ‘Stattie’ fair for Goose Fair.

On the first concern, yes, there were a few gaps in side stuff and hooplas, but nothing serious. As for missing visitors, it did get off to a slow start on Monday afternoon, but by 6pm the streets were thronged with people, particularly in Market Square where the old saying ‘walking on heads’ would have applied. It could well have been one of the best Mondays at Burton for many years. 

Lessee here is Pat Collins Funfairs, in the capable hands of Michael Harris. The firm was in the grip of a very busy backend run, with Ashby Statutes a week late due to the death of Queen Elizabeth, plus a ten-day Goose Fair, Hull, Ilkeston and then the bonfires.

Attractions at Burton Statutes Fair

The adult machines at Burton totalled 11, plus a ghost train, two fun houses, a simulator and a slip. There were over a dozen juveniles and two dozen hooplas and joints, including James Weston out for the first time with his Amore food shack.

Adult machines included: 

  • Michael Harris’ Super Star
  • Christina Harris’ Scream Miami
  • Charles Harris’ Sizzler Twist and City Hopper Frogs
  • Graham Stokes’ F1 dodgems
  • Stuart Stanworth’s Fairtrade waltzer
  • Roger Tuby’s Devil Rock Freak Out
  • Gareth Smith’s Flash Dance tagada and ghost train
  • John Groom’s XLR8 Booster
  • Wayne Smith’s Extreme.
  • Paul Gooch’s Euro Eye wheel
  • Joe Barker’s Circus fun house
  • John Manders’ Simulator
  • Lincoln Gore’s slip.

Main photo: Gareth Smith’s Flash Dance tagada having a busy evening at Burton Statutes Fair.

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