Spencer Smart’s Crazy Jungle Fun House at St Ives Michaelmas Fair.

Good civic support for St Ives Michaelmas Fair

At the town hall reception following the opening and civic tour of St Ives Michaelmas Fair in Cambridgeshire, the Mayor, Cllr Phil Pope, praised the Showmen for their efforts and thanked them for the warm hospitality extended to councillors and guests. The get-together was organised by the showpeople on the Sunday evening prior to the fair opening on Monday.

The Mayor is a strong supporter of the fair, his town and its traditions, and during his walkabout he made sure that he spoke with people at virtually every attraction. He ended his short speech at the town hall by saying that he looked forward to seeing the fair back again next year, adding: “And let’s make it bigger and better.”

A couple of hours earlier the Mayor had read the charter, with his customary enthusiasm,  from the steps of Philip Scarrott & Sons’ Super Star. Following a rendition of God Save the King, newly minted coins and free ride tickets were distributed to the children present.  

The Chairman of the Eastern Counties Section of the Showmen’s Guild, Frankie Harris, responded on behalf of the showpeople. Also representing the Guild were past Chairman Victor Harris, and John Scarrott, who is lessee of the Broadway section of the fair (the Eastern Counties Section are responsible for the other areas).


Last year saw a number of changes among the major attractions here. However, this year the main newcomer was Marshall Tattam’s Play Station fun house in Broadway.

We also learned that there are draft plans to revamp parts of the town centre, although nothing has been decided yet. It is to be hoped that the Guild and showpeople are kept informed of any changes and allowed a degree of input to retain the cordial relationship that exists here and the traditions of the Michaelmas Fair.

St Ives Michaelmas Fair attractions

Major attractions at St Ives Michaelmas Fair included:

  • Philip Scarrott & Sons’ Super Star and Xzilar8 Miami
  • Harry Scarrott’s Vortex
  • John AT Parrish’s Extreme
  • Thomas Harris’ Big Top Circus fun house
  • John Scarrott & Sons’ Twister
  • Thomas Harris Jnr’s Psycho Haunted Mansion
  • Dean Ayers’ Circus Circus fun house
  • Marshall Tattam’s Play Station fun house
  • Spencer Smart’s Crazy Jungle fun house
  • Joel Gray’s Simulator
  • Robert Edwards’ helter skelter.

Main photo: Spencer Smart’s Crazy Jungle Fun House at St Ives Michaelmas Fair.

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