Showmen's Fellowship 2020 photo

The High Society Showmans Fellowship 2020

They said the glittering Showmans Fellowship Dinner and Dances so popular in the past were long gone. And so they were.

Until now. Thanks to an intrepid committee of showmen and ladies the Showmans Fellowship returned, rebranded as The High Society Showmans Fellowship 2020.

The spectacular black tie extravaganza took place on Monday 13 January at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Hull – and what an event it was!

Nearly 800 showpeople from every Section in the country descended on Hull to eat, drink and party in style. They travelled by hovercraft (yes, hovercraft, from the Isle of Wight), train and automobile to attend.

The entertainment started pre-drinks with The London Belles and various fairground games.

Entering the ballroom, WOW was the word as guests took in the stunning, golden-themed display before them. There were gold boxes containing gifts for guests, Showmans Fellowship swag bags, gold champagne bottles and flutes and much, much more.

Screens all around the room displayed photos from Fellowship dances of the past, and Showmans Fellowship and galloping horse stencils moved across the walls, adding to the atmosphere.

After taking their places at the tables, all eyes turned to the ceiling as four ladies performed their acrobatic skills on white aerial silks hanging from the ceiling.

The Function Band, Shola Ama, plus DJs entertained long into the night, with Zac Bauman on MC duties.

There were prizes to be won, including a Grand Prize Draw of £2,000 and a crate of champagne.

And, of course, being Showland, there was a night-before party which was a great evening in itself!

The committee of Claire Hall, Sadie Warwick, Natalie Wood, Roger Tuby, Emily Hall, William Warwick and Ashley Wood can be congratulated for putting on such a magnificent event and bringing so many showpeople together in a celebration of Showland.

Congratulations also to Leigh Hall, Richard Farrar, Dean Wass and their superb team at the Doubletree Hilton for their first-class service – the gold standard in customer service. You did Showland proud!

The committee are now contemplating next year’s event! Demand for tickets will be very high so watch out for them going on sale.

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