photo of the brand new Venom ride at Crosskeys in Gwent.

Fairgoers in Gwent are treated to a brand new ride at Crosskeys

The funfair at Crosskeys in Gwent, which opened from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 May, was another well presented event from Edward Danter.

A decent crowd turned out for the fair in the lovely surroundings of Waunfawr Park, and the weather on the opening day was favourable. Edward Danter had presented a great line-up of equipment, which was well set out. The ground was firm underfoot and the fair could be easily seen from the main road that passes through the village of Crosskeys.

A real point of interest here was Craig Danter’s brand new Venom ride, on only its second ground since he took delivery of it. Venom is an extremely good looking ride, with an impressive sequence of lighting.

At the controls was Ashley Allen from Bristol, a relative of Craig Danter, who explained that the paybox was not present as it was back at the yard receiving a few alterations. At the time of our visit the ride did not have any music, either, as it was awaiting a complete new sound system.

The full chassis was in black livery, which made the lights stand out extremely well, but Ashley informed us that the ride was soon to be ‘Danterised’, and would be having extra lighting fitted in a few weeks. The ride holds 16 riders.

Other attractions at Crosskeys included: Edward Danter’s dodgems, Miami, Ice Mountain mirror maze, bungee trampolines, juvenile toy set, Runaway Train, water blaster, inflatable and catering kiosks; Edward Danter Snr’s Twist, mini jets and cups & saucers; Craig Danter’s combo boxer game; and Clifton Hill’s Skydiver Paratrooper and games.

Main photo: The brand new Venom ride at the funfair at Crosskeys in Gwent.

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