Clayton Hackett’s Top Spin was a surprise addition at Stanley.

Surprise addition for fairgoers at Storeys Funfair

Billed as Yorkshire’s Ultimate Amusement No.1 Funpark, Terry Storey returned to Stanley near Wakefield for a later than planned visit, opening from Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 September on the recreation ground alongside Lime Pit Lane.

Usually, the visit here takes place around July or August, but Terry told us he wanted to uphold his reputation for bringing together a good selection of attractions to join his own Weekend Offender waltzer and Twister, and it was all about availability of equipment to support him at the event.

Though the visit may have been later than planned, locals eager for their annual fair were certainly not disappointed when it arrived, bringing with it a good selection of equipment from large rides to juveniles and one major big hitter that had not been seen in West Yorkshire for nearly a decade.

Surprise attraction

The ride in question was Clayton Hackett’s Top Spin, a machine which was previously owned by Michael Mulhearn. Prior to its refurbishment and new lease of life it was a regular visitor to West Yorkshire and venues around Keighley, Leeds and Bradford.

Since it last appeared in the area, rather than the black and fire effects akin to a Harley Davidson theme, the ride has taken on a much brighter look in reds, whites and blues. The ride was placed directly alongside the main road towards Wakefield, and when it was in motion it was certainly an eye-catcher for passing motorists.

Nick Peel brought along his Mexican hat trabant, Acrobat and cottage, which, along with Terry’s waltzer and Twist completed the machine line-up. However, added to the mix were plenty of attractions for the younger visitors.

At £9 for three hours, with one session midweek and three on Saturdays and Sundays, this was a great value wristband event, and it was pleasing to see a busy ground when we visited on the Saturday after tea.

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